Kim Davis, “Gay Marriage”, Civil Disobedience


A county clerk who is a polygamist Mormon can’t issue licenses for bigamy.

A county clerk who is a Quaker must still issue gun licenses.

A county clerk who is a Muslim must still issue liquor licenses, and licenses to restaurants who serve pork.

The establishment clause of the constitution cuts both ways.

1. It says that government can’t restrict the free exercise of religion: that means that the government shouldn’t have the authority to force a baker to bake wedding cakes for a gay wedding. Society can pressure them (or support them) through the marketplace, but the government shouldn’t be involved until and unless something criminal has happened.

2. It says that the government can’t establish a religion, by which the founders meant that there was no official religion of the United States. By extension, that means that the government doesn’t per se enforce the moral views of Christians or other religious groups, or groups of religions. Government has to be neutral on those issues.

Yes, the laws against murder etc. have part of their foundation in religion, but if you can’t tell the difference between murder and issuing marriage licenses, …

If Kentuckians want civil disobedience, Governor Beshear has the right, and the legal standing, to challenge the Supreme Court’s ruling. He hasn’t, and won’t, because he’s an Obama lackey.

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