1.01. Why Am I Writing This


This is a series of blog posts about what Christians believe (or what I think Christians SHOULD believe.)  It’s also about why I believe that the Christian explanation for the world as it is–what Christians believe, or should believe–is the best explanation for the world as it is.

I’m not writing to convert you.  My goal is communication, understanding, clarity, etc., NOT conversion.  I’d like to think that you would come away from reading these posts with enough information to reject Christianity on an informed basis, rather than an uninformed basis.

Some of you are already Christians.  Maybe you’re from my specific tribe, maybe not.  Maybe you’re from a tribe that’s not too different from mine (I’m from a peculiar conservative protestant denomination, evangelical but not fundamentalist.) (Or so we tell ourselves.)

Some of you don’t believe in God at all.  That’s fine, I respect that.  If you want to read my version of what Christians believe, read on.  If not, no harm no foul.

Some of you aren’t sure what you believe.  It’s my fondest hope that these words help you find clarity.

Some of you may be certain that there is no reality beyond the physical universe, explainable by science and observation.  The only things that exist are the things you can experience by sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing.

Some of you may be “spiritual but not religious.”  You believe there is a spiritual world, some kind of ultimate reality beyond physical existence, but you don’t think it’s at all knowable.  Or if it is knowable, it’s certainly not the God that Christians preach about.

I understand that.  I respect your beliefs, even if I do not share them.  I know you have reasons for what you believe.  As I said, my goal is not conversion.  Conversation, yes; comprehension and clarity, yes.

I’m writing this because I know that many people who don’t know much about Christianity are turned off by what they DO know about it.

I’m writing this because I’ve witnessed enough toxic Christianity to know that, if that was all Christianity had to offer, I wouldn’t believe in it either.  British theologian N.T. Wright sometimes says, “You don’t believe in God?  Fine, tell me about this God you don’t believe in.  Maybe I don’t believe in him either.”

There’s a lot of toxic Christianity, and a lot of pathologically neurotic Christians.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL CHRISTIANITY HAS TO OFFER.  As St Paul says, “Let me show you a better way.” (1 Corinthians 12.31)

Let me show you another side.

What I’m Writing


Last spring, I published a short series of Vines, attempting to explain some basic Christian theology.  Although the comments I received were very kind, I wasn’t satisfied with the result.

I spent several weeks trying to figure out a different way to publish the material using video, before deciding that I am more of a writer than a video-maker, even with the new horizons and accessibility Vine offers.

But I’ve continued to mull over the material, and decided to publish it here, instead.

I’m envisioning a series of about 100 posts–with my history, that’ll take forever.  Short, daily descriptions of basic Christian beliefs, averaging about 250 words each, five posts per week (HA! with MY history?!?!?).

I am TRYING to write for non-Christians and barely Christians; time will tell how successfully I do this.

Feedback deeply appreciated.